Pack 469 Basics:

  • Pack 469 is supported by Lakewood United Methodist Church. Pack meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (with a couple of exceptions that are communicated ahead of time) at 6:30pm at the Scout Building at Lakewood United Methodist Church (11330 Louetta Rd, Houston, TX 77070).
  • We are part in the Orion District and part of the Sam Houston Area Council (SHAC).
  • Our program consists of monthly Pack meetings where all scouts meet together for a fun activity, and monthly den meetings where scouts meet with their Den Leaders to work on advancing through their assigned rank (see rank information below). Ranks are assigned by school grade.

Program Overview:

We’re all about encouraging boys and girls to make friends, be helpful to others, and do their very best no matter the outcome. With the help of powerful learning projects and exciting outdoor activities, we aim to teach children that doing their best can be a fun and rewarding experience—no matter the difficulty of the challenge. Scouts advance through the program by working to earn their rank. Based on different topics such as hiking, nature, science, citizenship, first aid, sports, and more, adventures are earned as a Cub Scout advances toward their badge of rank.  Once an adventure is completed, a Cub Scout receives recognition in the form of an adventure loop or adventure pin. Once a Cub Scout has completed the required adventures, they earn their badge of rank.

Cub Scout Ranks & Advancement:

Cub Scouts advance through their rank during the course of the school year and upon completing the require adventures, are awarded their rank.